Sunday, 23 December 2012


Epidemic of the 21st Century: Overweight, Sick Kids!

Fact: Children who watch TV while eating are twice as likely to eat "junk" food as opposed to fruits and vegetables.
Sadly, today's sedentary lifestyle for children is raising their risk of obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and other disorders. Discover how you can help reverse this alarming trend…

Shocking health realities

Today's parents are having their children’s pediatrician tell them that their 11-year-old son has Type 2 diabetes, or that their 16-year-old daughter has osteoporosis. The out-of-control lifestyles created by adults over the past 40 years has led to a 50% increase in the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes—the kind of obesity-related diabetes once known as "adult onset" because it wasn’t usually diagnosed until age 50 or older.

Making wellness a family affair

We can reverse these trends if we start making eating healthy foods and increasing physical activity important to our children. Here are guidelines for dealing with overweight children:
  • Have the child examined by a medical doctor to make sure he or she won’t have issues with losing weight.
  • Children can begin their day with a Multivites vitamin tablet and a Kid Shake made with nonfat or soy milk.

Stopping the epidemic

Choose to set the example by picking up an apple instead of an ice-cream bar. Stop smoking. Turn off the television or computer—and instead, shoot some hoops with your children or go for a walk. Be sure to take your dog on your walks so that you won't have a fat dog at risk for diabetes and heart disease. (Yes, they develop the same diseases as humans!)
Let's make the 21st century the century of wellness, family values and a better quality of life. Let's start today.

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